Honda has released a new video that shows off the new interior design language that we’ll see in future Honda models. The goal of the new “simplicity and something” design philosophy is to eliminate complexity and advance the user experience through “thoughtful and pleasing design elements.”

Honda also says that the new interior design has a renewed focus on Honda’s classic “Man Maximum/Machine Minimum” approach that maximizes cabin space, while minimizing the space needed for mechanical components.

“Simplicity in design requires not only a strong philosophy, but a discipline toward the user experience,” said Johnathan Norman, Creative Lead for Honda Interior Design in the U.S.. “We’ve heard from designers working for other brands who say they were inspired by the simple, human-centered design of old Hondas. Well, so are we!”

This basically means that Honda’s new interior design language will focus on thin pillars, a low cowl and a large greenhouse for excellent visibility. The “and something” part of the philosophy is the personality and character of the design meant to invoke a positive emotional response from the driver and passengers.

“We are pursuing this design language with the new Hondas we’re designing in the studio now,” Norman said. “It’s our ‘simple’ approach to design with the ‘and something’ that will help differentiate each product and make your future Honda vehicles something you want to drive and are excited to use.”