Honda is finally getting its mojo back with new sporty models, like the Acura NSX and the Civic Type R, but could there be more sports cars in the works? Honda hasn’t confirmed anything, but at least one Honda executive is hoping that Honda gives the green light to an affordable, compact sports car.

Honda S660

Stephen Collins, director of Honda Australia recently spoke to CarAdvice at the launch for the Civic Type R, where he revealed that Honda is trying to make its lineup sportier.

“We’ve said it a number of times: we really want to dial up the sportiness of our range and our brand,” Collins stated. “NSX is one part of that, Type R is another. But if anything else becomes available, we’d really be chasing that pretty hard.”

“Type R is a hot hatch and if there’s another type of sports car that becomes available to us, say if it was a convertible or something that could come in at around $30,000 (Australian dollars), that would be very desirable for us.”

While the idea of Honda increasing the availability of the S660 may sound like a good idea, it’s doubtful that it will happen. “The S660 is a beautiful little sports car but it was only really designed for Japanese domestic market,” he said. “To get it homologated and up to a standard for the Australian market would be difficult. It’s also very constrained by production and, unfortunately, it’s not made for export.”

A few years ago Honda did admit that it was looking at the idea of bringing the S660 to the United States, but we haven’t heard any new updates. Honda is going to debut the Sports EV concept later this month at the Tokyo Motor Show, which could be a preview of a new compact sports car. Fingers crossed!

Source: CarAdvice