Well that’s it, Volkswagen has stopped production of the Volkswagen Scirocco. While VW didn’t make a formal announcement, it posted on its German website, “The Scirocco cannot be ordered with individual specifications anymore. But you can purchase vehicles already built.”

VW Scirocco production ends

When the current generation Scirocco debuted back in 2008 we hoped that VW would bring it to the United States, but now almost 10 years later we never got it and now the rest of the world won’t either. Sales of the Scirocco obviously dropped off over the last few years as the coupe showed its age, but the Scirocco also is a victim of VVW’s updated priorities.

Following the diesel scandal, VW has moved its priorities to electric cars. The new focus on EVs could mean that the Scirocco could return one day as an electric coupe, but that’s a strong “maybe.”

Source: Car and Driver