Earlier this week Honda unveiled the E Prototype, which is a near production version of its new small electric car that will go on sale in Europe by the end of the year. It would be a waste for Honda to only use the new EV platform for a small hatchback, so Honda plans to expand the number of vehicles that will use the new platform, which will likely include a production version of the Sports EV concept.

Honda E Prototype

Autocar spoke with the E Prototype project manager Kohei Hitomi, who confirmed that the new platform will be used for a range of A- and B-segment electric cars. “The fundamental technology is there and our colleagues in the design department are thinking in many directions,” Hitomi stated.

Honda Sports EV Concept
Honda Sports EV Concept

When he was asked about the possibility of a production version of the Sports EV concept that debuted in 2017, Hitomi replied, “It can be any car. It can be a sporty car or a box-type car. Personally, I’d very much welcome a sporty car on that platform.”

So there you have it, Honda is working on a lineup of new electric cars, but there are two things we’d like to see. First it would be great if they had a driving range over 200 miles, since the e Prototype can only travel up to 124 miles on a single charge. Second, Honda please bring them to the US.