Honda has announced that the Honda e electric car will come standard with a new Side Camera Mirror system that replaces the conventional side mirrors.

Honda Model e Camera mirror system

The Side Camera Mirror system uses compact cameras on each side of the Honda e to provide live images on two six-inch screens inside the vehicle. The screens are integrated at both ends of the dashboard. Besides being cool to look at, the side cameras also give the Honda e a cleaner exterior and also reduce aerodynamic drag by around 90% compared to conventional door mirrors. The shape of the camera unit housing is also designed to prevent water drops on the lens.

The Side Camera Mirror System offers two view options, “normal view” and “wide view.” The cameras expand the field of vision further than conventional side mirrors and reducing blind spots by around 10% in normal view and approximately 50% in wide view. When in reverse, guidelines appear on the side view screens in addition to an enhanced camera angle to expand the visibility.

Honda has already announced that buyers in Europe can now place a reservation for the Honda e, which is expected to arrive in 2020.