Honda introduced the Clarity Electric three years ago at the 2017 New York Auto Show as a midsize, five passenger electric vehicle that was supposed to make a big splash in the segment. Unfortunately the Clarity Electric failed to make an impact, largely due to its short 89 mile driving range. Well it looks like Honda has given up on the Clarity Electric, since it’s been discontinued.

USA Today has received the bad news about the Clarity Electric from Honda. The good news is that the Clarity Fuel Cell and Plug-in Hybrid versions are still available, but sales of the entire Clarity lineup have dropped. Last year Honda only sold 11,654 units, which was down 42 percent from 2018.

Now that the Clarity Electric is dead in the US, Honda now doesn’t offer a fully electric model in its lineup. Luckily buyers in Europe are getting the cute Honda E, but it’s not known when Honda will release another fully electric model here.