Honda Attempts to Diversify its Workforce

Honda is going to build a new plant in Greensburg, Indiana to build 200,000 Honda Civics per year. The plant is expected to start production in the fall of 2008. According to an Automotive News story, the automaker is concerned about a lack of diversity in the upcoming city.

"The Japanese automaker’s challenge is hiring a diverse work force in an almost completely white rural area."

The new Honda Manufacturing of Indiana plant is going to start hiring 2,000 workers this fall, but in a city that is comprised of 97% whites, the automaker sees diversity as an issue. The automaker has contacted minority leaders to help them recruit minority employees within 65 miles of Greensburg.

The U.S. Census Bureau counted only eight black residents in 2000 or 0.08 percent of the population. Asians, the largest minority group in the city makes up only 1.4 percent.

The town of Greensburg is known as one of about 10,000 "sundown towns" in the U.S. "Such towns once warned blacks not to "let the sun go down" on them – meaning blacks could work but not live there."

Full Story: Automotive News