GM is Going to Unveil the Volt to Divert Attention from its Financial Woes

Automakers have been hit hard this year due to declining sales and those that relied heavily on SUV and truck sales are even worse off, specifically the Big 3. GM has seen its sales drop off drastically since no one wants its many pickups and large SUVs.

This year is GM’s 100th anniversary and the automaker is hoping to do something drastic to shift focus from its current financial situation. GM is rushing the development of the much anticipated Chevy Volt for an unveiling of a production ready version. The Chevy Volt isn’t expected until late 2010, but GM hopes that by unveiling the Volt this fall the automaker can divert attention from its current sales slump and change its current image as a producer of large gas-guzzling trucks.

In addition to the Chevy Volt, GM is also expected to unveil other new fuel-efficient models such as a production version of the Chevy Beat, a replacement for the Aveo and a new Cobalt sometime during the upcoming auto show season.

Full Story: Reuters

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