BMW 7-Series Hybrid Will Feature a V8 and Lithium-Ion Batteries…Don't Expect Great Numbers

BMW officially took the wraps off the all-new 2009 7-Series a few days ago. BMW already confirmed as well that there will be a hybrid version of the 7-Series offered next year, but now we have more of the details thanks to CAR.

The 7-Series Hybrid will mate the 4.4L V8 to an electric motor that will be powered by lithium ion batteries, which sounds great but it won’t match the same fuel economy numbers as the new 3.0L diesel (39.2mpg). The 7-Series Hybrid is also going to cost much more than the 750i that is going on sale this November in the UK (The US will get the new 7 next Spring).

I’m sure many of us are wondering what the point of the hybrid is, but according to Dr Klaus Draeger, BMW board member responsible for R&D and project leader for the new 7-Series “Some customers really want a V8 with very good fuel economy.”

Full Story: CAR

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