Ford unveiled the 2022 Ford F-150 Lighting less than a month ago, but buyers are reacting quite positively to the electric pickup. The day after it debuted Ford received 20,000 reservations for the F-150 Lighting and now it’s being reported that Ford has now received over 100,000.

2022 Ford F-150 Lightning

The New York Times is reporting that interest in the F-150 Lighting continues to rise. It only took Ford three weeks to get 100,000 F-150 Lighting pre-orders. That number is easily going to rise thanks to the addition of the F-150 Lighting Pro that starts at only $39,974.

Buyers may have to wait a bit to get the F-150 Lighting. Production is slated to start in spring 2022, but Ford doesn’t plan to fully ramp up production of the F-150 Lightning until 2023.

The F-150 Lighting has been so well received that now there’s speculation that Ford is working on a smaller electric truck, which might end up being an EV version of the new Maverick.