Ford has revived some old names for its new models, like the Bronco, Maverick and Lightning. It even brought back the Ranger Splash for the 2022 model year, but now Ford is saying that it wants to bring back even more old names.

“I think we have the unique asset of having nameplates from the past that we can tap into to emotionalize our product and to tell stories no other brand can tell,” Murat Gueler, Ford of Europe Design Chief, stated to Autocar. “There is opportunity with nameplates that you can really refresh and execute in the right way to distinguish yourself from others.”

We don’t know exactly which names will make a comeback, but Ford wants to bring back its old names to provide a more emotional connection with buyers. Ford feels that by bringing back old names will help it stand out from its rivals. For example in the growing electric segment, Gueler said that there could “an opportunity for Ford to distinguish itself from the bombardment of electrification that’s coming.”

For now we’ll just have to wait and see which classic names will be brought back to life.