A few days ago leaked photos of Ford’s “Baby Bronco” leaked online and now we have a bit more news to share about the return of the Ford Bronco. It’s now being reported that Ford is going to create a Bronco sub-brand.

Ford Baby Bronco leak

We’ve been wondering what Ford will call its new “Baby Bronco” since we already know the full-size version will be called the Bronco, so if the reports are accurate maybe the smaller version will be called the Bronco Sport or something similar. Bronco6G has received a tip from sources that claim the Bronco name will be used for a lineup of off-road ready SUVs.

Ford Bronco teaser

The report also claims that both the full-size Bronco and the smaller SUV will arrive within a few months of each other. We already know that the bigger Bronco is going to arrive for the 2020 model year, so we shouldn’t have too much longer to see both new SUVs.

Source: Bronco6G