We’re now just two weeks away from the debut of the 2020 Porsche 911, which is going to be revealed at the LA Auto Show. Porsche has already released photos of the next-generation 911 undergoing its endurance tests and now Porsche has released a new teaser video, which states “The 8th generation is coming. Timeless machine.”

It’s not known yet which exact version of the 2020 Porsche 911 we’re seeing in the short teaser video, but it’s likely either the 911 Carrera or Carrera S, since both models are expected to debut in LA.

2020 Porsche 911 Prototypes

We already know that the 2020 911 Carrera will be powered by a 385 horsepower six-cylinder engine, while the Carrera S will bring 450 horsepower to the table.

Stay tuned.

Source: Porsche