Ford Escort May Return as a 100MPG Hybrid in 2011

We all should remember the Ford Escort that was very popular in the 1980’s. The “World Car” actually saved Ford in its early days, but as the 90’s set in it quickly became unpopular and died by the new millennium.

Well the Ford Escort may return to the Ford lineup. According to Next Energy Ford is working on a new 100 mpg plug-in hybrid for 2011 that will be named the Escort. If the photo rendering is anything close to what the actual production model is going to look like, the new car should help you forget all those negative feelings that we had for the old Escort.

The new Ford Escort Hybrid will finally give the Prius and upcoming Volt from GM some competition. If Ford is indeed working on this model it will not share its platform or design with any other Ford vehicles. In addition the hybrid system will not be borrowed or leased from any other automaker.

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