Bentley May Become Greener

Bentley’s sales have continued to be strong over the past few years thanks to models like the Continental GT Coupe. Although the automaker has successfully managed to outsell Maybach and Rolls Royce it is looking towards the future.

All automakers are becoming greener, which includes the addition of hybrids, more fuel-efficient models, etc. Currently Bentley vehicles are all about sheer size and power. This may change according to Bentley exec Stuart McCullough. McCullough told The Car Connection that management is currently thinking about “changing the philosophy of Bentley”.

The automaker is discussing the use of new lighter materials in all their cars and maybe even the addition of new smaller models. Ultimately the decision lies in the hands of the consumer. If the consumer continues to demand these larger and heavier vehicles from Bentley, then they will continue to be built.

Full Story: Motor Authority

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