Ford Confirms Fiesta Hatchback for the US in 2010

Ford unveiled the all-new Fiesta hatchback earlier this year. At the time Ford confirmed that a version of the Fiesta would indeed reach our shores, but it was expected to only be a sedan version of the small car. Now Ford has confirmed that the US is also going to get a hatchback to go along with the sedan when the Fiesta arrives in 2010.

Today Ford confirmed that the all-new Fiesta is going to be built in Cuautitlan, Mexico plant starting in 2010. The new car is going to create 4,500 new jobs at the plant. It is still not certain if the US will get both the three and five-door hatchbacks, although it is rumored that we will get both. This means there will be three versions of the Fiesta that will be cheaper than the Ford Focus.

Full Story: eGMCarTech

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Five-door Fiesta:
ford_fiesta_five_door_hatchback.jpg ford_fiesta_five_door_hatchback_3.jpg

Three-door Fiesta:
2009_ford_fiesta.jpg 2009_ford_fiesta_1.jpg 2009_ford_fiesta_2.jpg 2009_ford_fiesta_4.jpg 2009_ford_fiesta_5.jpg 2009_ford_fiesta_6.jpg 2009_ford_fiesta_7.jpg 2009_ford_fiesta_8.jpg