All-New Honda Freed Seats Eight and is Shorter than a Civic

Honda has unveiled the all-new Freed minivan that is about the same size of a Civic, but manages to seat eight passengers.

The Freed which went on sale in Japan today is powered by a 118 horsepower 1.5L 4-cylinder engine and has optional all-wheel-drive. A 5-speed manual or CVT is available. The JDM Freed mini-minivan comes in three versions and buyers can choose between five, seven or eight passenger seating configurations. The Freed shares its mechanicals with the Fit and Civic and is about 12-inches shorter than the Civic.

Honda has no plans of bringing the small Freed to the US, but with gas prices the way they are maybe there could one day be a market for a vehicle like this here. Although 118 horsepower won’t really work for power hungry Americans. But who knows…

2008_honda_freed.jpg 2008_honda_freed3.jpg 2008_honda_freed4.jpg 2008_honda_freed5.jpg 2008_honda_freed6.jpg 2008_honda_freed7.jpg 2008_honda_freed8.jpg 2008_honda_freed9.jpg 2008_honda_freed10.jpg 2008_honda_freed11.jpg 2008_honda_freed12.jpg

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