Ford Bucks the Trend! Adds Manual-Transmission to Focus Titanium

Sadly manual transmissions are not nearly as popular as they once were, especially with all the latest technology coming out of fully automatic and dual-clutch transmissions. These days most models aren’t even offered with a manual transmission and those that do buy them are usually somewhat of an “auto enthusiast.” Bucking this trend towards automated gear shifting, Ford has just announced that it will now offer a five-speed manual transmission in the range-topping Titanium Focus models. According to Ford, “Buyers migrating from higher-price import brands frequently prefer manual transmissions.”

Ford also announced that demand for the redesigned 2012 Focus has increased steadily and the model is selling at its fastest pace since 2004. The strongest demand is also coming from the west, most notably in the high-volume California market.

“Focus relevance to California customers is on the rise,” said Mark Wexler, Ford Northern California Regional Manager. “The contemporary styling, fuel efficiency and technology offerings are getting lots of customer attention. High-end Titanium models are selling at twice the rate we anticipated, showing that our customers want convenience and technology in their fuel-efficient Focus purchase.”