2013 Honda Civic to Get Significant Updates

Despite only being on the market about a year, Honda is pushing up the Civic’s midlife refresh to the 2013 model year, only 18 months after the current generation was introduced. After major criticisms from the press about the new Civic, Honda is moving faster than normal to fix its popular Civic.

The 2012 Civic has suffered with the automotive press due to its lower quality interior and less than adequate suspension. The 2012 Civic even lost its “recommended” rating (non-Si models) from Consumer Reports. Initially it was announced that a heavily revised Civic would arrive sometime in 2013, but now it’s being reported that an “improved” Civic will arrive this fall for the 2013 model year.

Most midlife refreshes usually happen three years after a model is released and even then the changes are small with tweaks to the front and rear fascias and maybe small updates to the interior. Thankfully the updates to the Civic are expected to be much larger. Surprisingly, even though the 2012 Civic hasn’t received the most stellar reviews, Honda sold 21,883 Civics last month, putting at the top of its class.

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