Ford has confirmed that it plans to introduce an off-road ready compact crossover in 2020 and up until now we’ve just referred to it as the “baby Bronco.” Well now we may know what Ford will call it, since it recently trademarked the “Bronco Scout” name.

Ford Baby Bronco leak

Auto Verdict discovered that Ford trademarked the Bronco Scout name with the United States Patent and Trademark Office on April 15. While a trademark application doesn’t always mean that it will be used, it does provide a possible name for the new compact crossover.

No matter what Ford decides to call its new crossover, it will be based on the same platform as the Ford Focus, just like the 2020 Escape. It will also be about the same size as the new Ford Escape, but it will feature a boxier shape than the more car-like Escape. Ford recently released a few teasers of the new baby Bronco.

The baby Bronco and the larger Bronco are both expected to debut next year for the 2021 model year.