Dyson has yet to unveil its new electric car, but it has already decided that it will build its first electric car in Singapore. Dyson plans to finish building its new factory in Singapore in 2020 and its first electric car will start rolling off the production line in 2021.

Dyson Electric Car

This will be Dyson’s second factory in Singapore, since it already has a facility that produces its digital motors. Dyson also already employs 1,100 people in Singapore. The decision to build its new electric car factory in Singapore also has to do with the importance that China will hold in the adoption of electric cars. China is expected to be the top market for electric cars until 2040 and the country also has a free trade agreement with Singapore.

“The decision of where to make our car is complex, based on supply chains, access to markets,” Dyson CEO Jim Rowan recently stated.

Dyson is planning on producing at least three electric cars.

Source: Automotive News