Today Dyson is known for its excellent vacuums and other household appliances, but it has ambitions to release an electric car. Dyson has already confirmed plans to introduce an electric car, but now the Financial Times is reporting that Dyson may be planning up to three electric cars.

Sources claim that the first Dyson electric car will arrive by 2021. The first model won’t be a mass produced electric car, since only a few thousand units are planned. Two other electric cars will follow it and will be designed to sell in larger numbers. The latter models will use Dyson’s solid-state battery technology to give the EVs a longer driving range and faster recharging times. It’s not known if the technology will be ready by the time that Dyson’s first electric car goes into production.

Dyson is investing $1.24 billion for its new electric cars. A production site hasn’t been finalized yet, but according to the Financial Times, Dyson is looking at the U.k., China and Singapore.

Source: Automotive News