Dyson is now one step closer to introducing its new electric car. Dyson recently trademarked the “Digital Motor” phrase for its new range of electric cars.

The “Digital Motor” phase refers to the electric motor that will power Dyson’s new electric cars. The appliance brand recently filed the trademark in Europe where it can be used by both cars and appliances. Dyson has been keeping the details under wraps, but it’s reported working on at least three electric cars, with the first one expected to debut sometime next year before it goes on sale in 2021.

Dyson’s first electric car will be a low volume model, but unlike Tesla did with its first model, Dyson says that it’s first electric car will not be a sports car. Dyson is also working on solid-state battery technology for its new electric cars, since the battery technology uses higher energy density cells that charge faster and store more energy than liquid cells. The new battery technology won’t be ready by the time that Dyson introduces its first electric car, but it is expected to arrive by the time that it’s second EV is ready.

Source: Autocar