Is this our first look at the much anticipated new Jeep Grand Wagoneer? Chrysler has been talking about a new Grand Wagoneer, but has yet to reveal anything significant about the revived SUV, but new patent drawings may help.

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The drawings reveal a large, three-row Jeep, but other than being able to see the SUV from different angles, there are still so many details that are still unanswered. For example when will the new Jeep Grand Wagoneer finally become a reality? The latest reports claim that the new Grand Wagoneer will debut in 2019 with a price that coudl jump over the $100k mark. To make it more accessible, a cheaper Wagoneer could also be offered.

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There’s also the possibility that these trademark drawings are for the production version of the Jeep Yuntu concept that debuted last month. The Yuntu concept also featured three rows of seats, like the SUV in these photos. If that is true, then don’t expect to see the SUV in these photos in a neighborhood near you, unless you live in China, since the Yuntu is designed only for Chinese consumption.

Source: Motor1