Chrysler is Going to Label Remaining 2006 Models "used" to Get Rid of Them

In 2006 Chrysler made more cars than dealers wanted. Since the automaker had no dealers that wanted them, they stored them in various places around Detroit. Well now Chrysler is trying every way that they can to get rid of them. Deep discounts and significant rebates have not done the trick, so now Chrysler is going to allow dealers to label the new cars as “used” in hopes that people will finally buy them.

Normally a dealer must use a car as a loaner for three months before they can move it over to the used lot, but now if they use the car for just one day, the dealer can re-label it. Dealers are also going to receive an additional $2,000 discount as an incentive to use the program.

Chrysler is still going to count these cars as regular sales once the cars are moved over to the used lot.

According to recent reports of one dealer in New Mexico, a 2006 Dodge Ram went from $33,000 to $26,000 in one day.

I guess it may be a good time to hit up your local Chrysler dealer if you are in the market for a new/used car.

Full Story: Detroit News

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