Ford unveiled the electric F-150 Lightning a few months ago and now Chevy is getting ready to show us its first electric truck, the Silverado EV. We’ll get to see the Chevy Silverado EV in just a few months when it debuts in January at CES 2022.

Silverado EV

Chevy has also announced that the Silverado EV will be available with a fixed-glass roof, which is the first time that any GM truck has featured one. Chevy says that the fixed roof provides “expansive visibility, increased headroom, and an enhanced experience of spaciousness for both front and rear passengers.”

Unlike the F-150 Lightning, which is based on the same platform as the standard F-150, the Silverado EV will be based on a different platform than the current gas-powered Silverado. The Silverado EV will be based on GM’s Ultium and Chevy says that it will have a 400 mile range.