Car Dealers Still Call the 2008 Ford Taurus the Ford Five-Hundred

According to a new report by CNW Marketing Research, about 20 percent of Ford’s dealers are referring to the new Ford Taurus by the old Five-Hundred name.

If you recall earlier this year Ford unveiled a newly restyled Ford Five-Hundred, but then one month later the automaker decided to resurrect the old Taurus name that the automaker killed a year earlier. In addition the re-styled new “Taurus” does look very similar to the old Five-Hundred sedan although it does have a new front end and revised taillights. Now you can see the apparent confusion, well at least for 20 percent of the dealer network. About 60 percent of Ford’s dealer network are using the correct name, but they do slip up from time to time.

Although Ford figured that the Taurus name would resonate better with the buying public than the Five-Hundred name, the new car is still not selling that well. Maybe because dealers keep referring to it by the old name or because the styling is still too bland? Who knows?

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