Hybrid Sales in the US Rise 49 Percent this Year

Thanks to the popular Toyota Prius, hybrid sales through July are up 49 percent over the same period last year.

A new report by R.L. Polk & Co. shows that registrations for hybrid vehicles are up this year in the US. The midwest had the highest increase of 56.9 percent. Toyota Prius registrations rose 88.3 percent in the midwest, while the Toyota Camry hybrid sales rose 214.9 percent.

Most of the hybrid sales momentum can be attributed to Toyota who currently holds 65 percent of the hybrid market with the Prius holding 50 percent and the Camry with 15.

Registrations are likely to continue to increase with almost every automaker working on new hybrids there will be even more options for new car buyers. The introduction of clean diesels in the coming years may be the only thing that could hurt hybrid sales.

Full Story: eGMCarTech

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