Cadillac is Working on a New 4-Cylinder Sedan for 2011

Cadillac is currently working on a small 4-cylinder sedan that will be offered in the US in late 2010 as a 2011 model….something that was unthinkable a year ago.

The small rear-wheel-drive sedan will come standard with a 4-cyl engine, but Cadillac executives are still discussing if a V6 should be offered. The debate centers around the fact that if US buyers will accept only a 4-cylinder engine, even if its turbocharged.

The new sedan will be positioned under the CTS in the current lineup. In Europe Cadillac currently offers the small BLS sedan, which is front-wheel-drive and is offered as a sedan or wagon. The BLS shares its platform with the Saab 9-3. Overall the BLS has been a disappointment, but Cadillac is currently discussing if the new small Caddie in the US should be named the BLS.

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