2009 Kia Forte Brochure Hits The Web

Kia released more info and photos of the all-new 2009 Kia Forte (Spectra replacement) last week and now we have even more images thanks to a leaked brochure for the new car.

The 2009 Kia Forte is powered by a 124 horsepower 1.6L engine or a 128 horsepower 1.6L diesel. A 2.0L 4-cylinder will be offered in the future.

2009_kia_forte_brochure2.jpg 2009_kia_forte_brochure6.jpg 2009_kia_forte_brochure11.jpg 2009_kia_forte_brochure12.jpg 2009_kia_forte_brochure13.jpg 2009_kia_forte_brochure14.jpg 2009_kia_forte_brochure15.jpg 2009_kia_forte_brochure17.jpg 2009_kia_forte_brochure18.jpg 2009_kia_forte_brochure19.jpg 2009_kia_forte_brochure20.jpg 2010_kia_forte_brochure21.jpg

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