Cadillac Flagship Sedan Reportedly gets the Green Light

It’s been reported for a while that GM is working on a new Cadillac flagship, but now we’ve received confirmation that a new large Cadillac has been given the official green light.

GMI is reporting that GM has fully approved the development of a new Cadillac flagship sedan. The new flagship is expected to ride on a new rear-wheel-drive platform that is being referred to internally as the Omega. The new flagship is expected around 2015-2017. If you’re thinking that’s a ways off for the release of the XTS sedan. You’re in for a little surprise. It looks like the Cadillac XTS (above) is not really going to be the Cadillac flagship sedan, for long.

The Cadillac XTS is seen as a stop-gap model until the true Cadillac flagship sedan is ready. According to GMI, some GM heads don’t really even like the XTS.

Stay tuned…