Right now the most powerful BMW M5 you can buy is the M5 Competition with 617 horsepower, but the next M5 might get a big horsepower boost. A new report claims that BMW is working on an electric M5 that could have around 1,000 hp.

2021 BMW M5

The next-generation 5 Series is expected to debut in 2023. Car Magazine is reporting that the next-generation BMW M5 will be offered in two versions: electric or plug-in hybrid. The electric M5 will reportedly have three 335-hp electric motors, one for that will power the front wheels and two that power the rear. That means the total output will be around 1,000 horsepower.

If the report is accurate, the electric M5 will have more power than the Porsche Tacan Turbo S with its 750 horsepower and the 778-hp Tesla Model S Performance.

The M5 plug-in hybrid will reportedly use the same powertrain as the upcoming X8 M. The X8 M SUV is getting a hybrid twin-turbocharged V8 powertrain with around 750 horsepower.