BMW unveiled the Z4 concept a few days ago and now BMW has released a promo video of the Z4 concept in action. This 2 minute video shows how sexy and amazing the Z4 concept looks driving down the road, lets just hope that most of the concept makes the transition to the production model.

The next-generation BMW Z4 is slated to debut next year and it will share some of its parts with the resurrected Toyota Supra. We also know that the new Z4 will be offered with BMW’s 2.0L four-cylinder and 3.0L six-cylinder engines. A manual transmission will be optional and the complicated and heavy folding hardtop will be replaced by a simpler soft top.

BMW Z4 Concept

The next-generation Z4 is expected to retain most of the styling cues from the concept, but will obviously be toned down a bit. Either way, the new Z4 could be BMW’s sexiest Z4 yet as it gets ready to battle the Audi TT and Porsche 718 Boxster.

BMW Z4 Concept

Source: BMW