BMW has been so focused on electric vehicles lately, like the i4 and iX3, but the brand isn’t just looking at EVs as it moves to a zero emissions future. Back in 2013 BMW teamed up with Toyota to develop new fuel-cell technology, which was previewed with the i Hydrogen NEXT concept.

Now BMW has released some of the technical specs for the fuel cell system, which generates 170 horsepower of electric energy from the chemical reaction between hydrogen and oxygen from the ambient air. This means that the powertrain emits nothing but water vapor. There are also two 700 bar tanks that can hold a combined 13 pounds of hydrogen. The BMW i Hydrogen NEXT also shares its electric powertrain with the BMW iX3, which generates a total 374 horsepower.

What’s next? Well BMW plans to put a produce a small series of hydrogen powered vehicles based on the current BMW X5 in 2022. But BMW says that it will be a while until a production version is offered to consumers.