BMW is currently working on several electric models, like the iX3 and even a fully electric i7 flagship sedan. Now BMW has released the specs for the upcoming i4 electric car, which is slated to arrive in 2021.

The 2022 i4 will be powered by a 523 horsepower electric powertrain, which gets its energy from a 80 kWh battery pack. The i4 has a driving range of 600 kilometers or 373 miles, but BMW has not announced which test cycle it used to get that number. Given the fact that BMW has made the announcement in Europe, the 373 miles is likely based on the WLTP cycle. The EPA has a tougher test cycle, so here in the US it will likely have a shorter driving range.

BMW says that the i4’s fully electric powertrain is on par with the performance you’d expect from a V8. It can do 0-62 mph in about four seconds and has a top speed over 124 mph. The i4 will get BMW’s fifth-generation eDrive, which will debut first in the BMW iX3 in 2020 and then in the BMW iNEXT.