A new report from Spain claims that BMW will kill off the BMW Z4 roadster in mid-2025, due to low sales.

Motor.es is reporting that production of the Z4 will end in mid-2025. The news isn’t too surprising considering buyer’s appetite for crossovers and SUVs over sports cars and sedans. The current Z4 launched for the 2019 model year and is available in two versions in the US, the sDrive301 and the M40i.

You’ll also recall that the Z4 is closely related to the Toyota Supra, since they both share the same engines and platform. So if BMW is in fact killing off the Z4, what does that mean for the future of the Supra? The report claims that BMW will give the Z4 a refresh in 2023.

BMW hasn’t made any official announcements about the future of the Z4, so stay tuned.