BMW is Worried About the Launch of the All-New 7 Series

BMW’s new North American chief, Jim O’Donnell is worried about the launch of the all-new 7 Series in the US next spring.

The US economy is so bad right now that O’Donnell has little hope for increased sales of BMW’s flagship sedan, which will be in dealerships in March. O’Donnell’s main goal is that the new 7 Series does better than the overall import luxury segment.

According to O’Donnell, “As a percentage of the segment, it will do better, but the segment will continue to be depressed this year and through next year.”

The US is still the biggest market for the 7 Series.

Pricing has not been announced but it is expected that the new 7 Series will be priced higher than the current model which ranges from $77,625 to $126,625.

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