GM Shoots for Number 1 with the Chevy Traverse

GM recently introduced the all-new Chevy Traverse crossover that is based on the same architecture as the Buick Enclave, Saturn Outlook and GMC Acadia. GM is hoping that the Traverse will have what it takes to grab the number one sales spot in the large crossover segment.

Currently Toyota and Honda own the segment with the Highlander and Pilot. Last year Toyota sold 127,878 Highlanders and Honda sold 117,146 Pilots. Chevy boss, Ed Peper claims that the Traverse can beat both of them.

One way that GM hopes to win over buyers is by offering a cash rebate to non-GM owners. “We need to conquest,” Peper said. “We need fresh people.” Currently GM is offering a $2,000 cash rebate to customers coming off leases with GMAC.

The 2009 Traverse starts at $28,990 and in addition to the Highlander and Pilot also competes with the new Ford Flex, not to mention the other lambda based GM crossovers.

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