BMW may be getting close to revealing the 8 Series coupe, since it just released a batch of new teasers. The 8 Series is expected to remain close to the concept, which is a good thing if you loved the concept.

BMW 8 Series Coupe

BMW now says that the an 8 Series prototype is currently undergoing intensive testing on a high-speed proving ground in Aprilia, Italy to test its driving dynamics on surfaces with a high friction coefficient. BMW also says that its on target to launch the 8 Series Coupe during 2018. Even though BMW isn’t ready to unveil it, we’ve already seen leaked photos of the new 8 Series.

BMW 8 Series Coupe

“The test drives under the most severe conditions show that we are right on target with our concept for the new BMW 8 Series Coupe. The vehicle dynamics values already achieved are absolutely impressive. Our customers and fans can look forward to a genuine sports car,” says Klaus Fröhlich, member of the board of the BMW AG, Development and Research, who oversees the test program in Italy.

The BMW 8 Series Coupe is also being developed parallel to and in close coordination with the BMW M8 and the BMW M8 GTE racing car.

Source: BMW