Audi's CEO Confirms Production Plans in the U.S.

Audi is soon going to start producing cars in the US according to a recent statement from Audi’s CEO Rupert Stadler.

“It is totally clear that we need new production capacity in the U.S.,” Stadler recently told Automotive News. “The question only is when.”

Audi is currently finalizing the details for a new plant in the U.S., including which models will be produced, location and its final location. Audi is reportedly also considering a second plant that will produce engines and transmissions for both Audi and VW.

Audi set a sales record in 2010 with 101,629 units sold in the U.S. and Audi plans to increase those sales by 10-20 percent this year. Demand is outpacing Audi’s currently production capabilities.

All of the decisions will be finalized within the next three years.

Automotive News