Today Acura had some big news at Monterey Car Week with the debut of the 2022 NSX, but there was also one bigger announcement that we weren’t expecting. Acura has announced that it’s bringing back the much loved Integra.

“The Integra is back,” said Jon Ikeda Vice President and Acura Brand Officer. “I’m thrilled to say Integra is returning to the Acura lineup with the same fun-to-drive spirit and DNA of the original, fulfilling our commitment to Precision Crafted Performance in every way – design, performance and the overall driving experience.”

The new Integra is a new compact model for the Acura lineup, which means that it will replace the ILX. We actually expected the ILX name to go away based on a leaked presentation slide. Acura has released this single teaser sketch of the new Integra, which is going to arrive in spring 2022.

Could this mean that Acura may bring back some of its other names from the past, like the Vigor and Legend? We’ll see. Either way we’re excited to see Acura bring back one of its nameplates that was an iconic model in its lineup in the 1980s and 1990s.