Today the only electrified model in Acura’s lineup is the NSX, which will depart after the 2022 model year. So what does Acura have planned next? According to a new report, Acura is going to focus its energy on fully electric models, instead of hybrids.

Automotive News is reporting that instead of launching new hybrid vehicles, Acura is pushing to introduce new EVs, with the first one set to arrive in 2024. The first EV will be an SUV based on General Motor’s Ultium platform, which will also share its DNA with a new Honda electric SUV.

“For Acura, we’re going much faster than the Honda brand in terms of our transition to electric vehicles as a percentage of sales,” Emile Korkor, assistant vice president of Acura national sales, stated. “We’re going to bypass hybrids altogether. So our shift is going very rapidly into BEV. That’s our main focus.”

A few weeks ago Honda unveiled the 2023 Integra prototype, which is a near-production version of the new Integra that will arrive next year. After the Integra debuts, it looks like Acura will start prioritizing EVs.

“The benefit of returning to the Integra right now is that it’s going to help shepherd a new generation of customers and build loyalty as we move into a new era,” Korkor stated. “That new era is, of course, electrification.” By 2030 Acura wants at least half of its total sales to be electric vehicles.