It looks like Toyota is finally getting ready to introduce a new Prius, since Toyota has released new teasers of a hybrid that it’s going to reveal on November 16. The images don’t give away too many details, but it does hint that some big changes are coming with the statement. “Hybrid Reborn.”

2023 Toyota Prius Teaser

The overall shape looks familiar but it looks like the new Prius will get some new design details that will make it look a lot better than the current Prius.

We don’t have any details about its powertrain, but it’s expected that the 2023 Prius will get an updated hybrid powertrain that will give it higher fuel economy specs than the current version that has a 56 mpg combined rating. The Prius Prime plug-in hybrid is expected to return as well and it will hopefully have a longer electric driving range than the current models’ 25 mile range.

Stay tuned for all the details next week when the 2023 Prius debuts at the Los Angeles Auto Show.