The Honda Insight is back! After two attempts to take on the Toyota Prius, Honda is bringing the Insight back as a stylish hybrid sedan that will be positioned between the Civic and Accord in Honda’s 2019 model lineup.

2019 Honda Insight Prototype, 2019 Honda Insight, 2019 Insight

The 2019 Honda Insight will debut as a prototype next month at the Detroit Auto Show, but as is typical with all Honda prototypes – they end up being thinly disguised versions of the production model. The 2019 Honda Insight will be powered by Honda’s two-motor hybrid system, which will be much better than the hybrid systems that powered the first two Insight models.

“You won’t have to be an electrification advocate to appreciate the new Insight – it’s a great car in its own right, independent of what’s happening under the hood.”

2019 Honda Insight Prototype, 2019 Honda Insight, 2019 Insight

Honda hasn’t revealed the specs for the two-motor hybrid system but it will be more fuel efficient than the last generation that barely managed to compete with the Prius. With added competition from Hyundai with the Ioniq and the Kia Niro hybrid, it will be interesting to see if Honda’s third attempt with the Insight makes an impact. At least this time the Insight won’t be as weird looking, since it’s ditching the hatchback body style for a much more stylish sedan layout that looks like a mini Accord.

Source: Honda