Toyota hasn’t made the official announcement, but according to CarsDirect, Toyota is going to introduce a new GT version of the 86. The 2018 Toyota GT 86 will add more comfort features that the 86 has been lacking, like heated leather seats, dual-zone climate control and a new 4.2-inch display.

2017 Toyota 86
2017 Toyota 86

CarsDirect managed to get an order guide for the 2018 Toyota 86, which provides some info about the new GT trim level.

The 86 GT will not be a limited edition trim level like the 2017 Toyota 860 special edition. Inside the interior will be a bit more comfortable with leather applied to the seats, steering wheel and parking brake handle. A push-button start with proximity entry will also be part of the package, plus a new 4.2-inch display that provides extra info, like a g-force meter, a tachometer, torque output and temperature readouts.

On the outside the the 86 GT will get fog lights and “underbody aerodynamic panel,” which is likely a new front splitter.

The 2018 Toyota 86 GT will start at $29,280 if you choose the six-speed manual, while the automatic version is priced at $30,000.

Source: CarsDirect