Jaguar has released new teaser photos of the 2018 E-Pace compact SUV that is going to debut on July 13. The 2018 Jaguar E-Pace will be smaller than the F-Pace and will start just under $40k when it arrives early next year.

The 2018 E-Pace arrives early next year with a $39,595 price tag

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The E-Pace is currently undergoing testing in harsh climates, like the Arctic Circle and Dubai. Jaguar has revealed that more than 150 prototypes were built during a grueling 25-month test program for the E-Pace, which took place across four continents, from the famed Nürburgring circuit to the deserts of the Middle East.

“Our team of world class engineers and dynamics specialists have meticulously tuned and developed a true Jaguar. Months of intense testing on roads and tracks around the world have delivered a compact performance SUV that is true to Jaguar’s performance DNA,” stated Graham Wilkins, Chief Product Engineer for the E-Pace.

Source: Jaguar