Nissan continues to reveal more details about the all-new 2018 Nissan Leaf, leading up to its debut on September 6. Nissan has already revealed that the new Leaf will be able to drive semi-autonomously on highways and now Nissan has revealed its new ProPILOT Park system that will let the Leaf park itself.

The self-parking ProPILOT Park system uses radar and cameras to pull into a parking spot without any help from the driver. This means that the system can control the steering, braking and acceleration. The driver only needs to push a button on the console and monitor the Leaf’s surroundings.

Nissan still hasn’t revealed the biggest update – the 2018 Leaf’s driving range. There have been reports about two different battery packs with the largest one giving the 2018 Leaf a driving range over 200 miles. We’ll have more details soon.

Source: Nissan