2016 Nissan Altima to get "significant" update

Nissan is planning a big midcycle update for the 2016 Altima, which will include both styling and technology updates.


Even though the midsize sedan segment isn’t growing nearly as fast as it used to, it’s still an incredibly important segment, which explains why Toyota gave the 2015 Camry such a significant update. Now Nissan is reportedly going to follow Toyota’s path with a big midcycle update planned for the 2016 Altima.
Nissan hasn’t released the details about the 2016 Altima, but Nissan’s North American product planner recently told Automotive News that it will get a “significant” update. “Camry did something very huge. I believe they did that probably because they thought the car was not where they wanted it to be,” Nissan’s Pierre Loing stated. “I’m not sure we’re going to go to that extent. But we’re going to do something significant for the Altima for the midcycle.”

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The updates to the 2016 Altima will include both styling and technology updates.

Source: Automotive News