2010 Acura NSX Caught Testing in Germany?

Spy photographers spotted an interesting Honda S2000 in a workshop next to the Nurburgring. They managed to catch a few shots of the car, although it has remained in the workshop all day. What is interesting about the S2000 is that it has been heavily modified with riveted panels to add length and width to the car.

The hood line has been beefed up and the passenger compartment is also bigger. This test mule is very close to the new 2009/2010 NSX and Honda could be using this heavily modified S2000 to test the upcoming powertrain and platform for the next NSX. Notice the four tailpipes in back, the huge B Pillar and the heavy-duty double wishbone suspension.

At least these photos show that Honda is finally working on the next NSX. Lets hope they can manage to grab more pics of the car when it moves out of the garage and onto the track.

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