Would a Small Mercedes-Benz Sell Well in the US?

Due to record gas prices and a rising demand for fuel-efficient vehicles in the US, Mercedes-Benz is considering the idea of importing its next generation of the B-Class to the US. They are also working on a new “baby” SUV that is smaller than the current M-Class.

If the B-Class does make it to the US it will not be before 2011. For now the automaker wants to focus on the new C-Class that will be coming out soon. The current B-Class is also halfway through its life cycle, so it would make more sense to bring it to the US when it is redesigned.

According to the CEO of Mercedes’ US division, Ernst Lieb, the US market may not jump at the idea of a car that is smaller and cheaper than the C-Class. “Today when I talk to customers, I really wonder if they are ready for a small car,” he said, but he knows that younger customers who’ve driven the B-class and the smaller A-class in Europe are “open to it”.

The new small SUV is expected to be launched next year, but the automaker hasn’t made a decision on selling it in the US. Although it would compete against the X3, LR2 and RDX SUVs. The SUV is expected to be labeled as the GLK.

Full Story: Motor Authority